What Muscle Workouts Do For Your Body

We always equate trying to gain muscles as vanity or due to bodybuilding efforts. But there are more to building muscle than just those things. There are more substantial reasons and benefits as to why people should do muscle workouts and incorporate them into their daily routine even if their only goal is to maintain weight. Here are some common benefits of resistance training.

Increased Bone Density

Bone density is the measure of how much minerals are in your bones. This means that the denser your bones are, the stronger they are and the less likely you are to incur fractures or worse, broken bones. As for middle-aged people, bone density is something orthopaedics recommend monitoring as to prevent osteoporosis, a condition that is developed through the years that makes the bones fragile. Weight-bearing exercises ensure that your bones maintain its density even as you age. While intake of calcium and magnesium helps as well, nothing increase bone mass more than subjecting your bones to heavy resistance

Burns Weight Faster

Muscle workouts do not exactly burn as many calories as cardio exercises, but that does not mean it is not as beneficial to weight loss. Increasing muscle in your body means increasing your metabolic rate. So even at rest, your body is continuously burning fats. Maintaining muscles also require more nutrients and thus making your entire body a calorie-burning machine.


Popeye may be a fictional character but the correlation of his strength and his body type applies to real life. The more muscles you have, the stronger you are. And who does not want to be that person who opens up a tight lid can or carries all grocery bags in one go? But it also goes beyond being useful in our everyday lives. On the event of injury, being strong will help the body rehabilitate and heal itself faster than normal body types.

Healthier Lifestyle

Muscle building also makes the heart healthier. Whenever you lift dumbbells your body exerts more effort on breathing. While this seems like dumbbells have a minuscule cardiovascular benefit, exercising with weights actually help the heart grow stronger, if you are interested in lifting weights for this reason then you should check out this store for benches, bars and other equipment.  In addition, resistance training also provides you with better sleep. After workouts, your muscles are a bit strained and thus your body alerts your brain that you need a deeper sleep so it could rebuild and repair any worn out tissues. Lastly, muscles also help control blood sugar levels. Excessive sugar levels in the body, otherwise known as diabetes, can be very destructive as it slowly depreciates certain body parts such as the eyes and the legs. Having more muscles means that your body has more type II muscle fiber density thus giving you a bigger storage space for carbohydrates, in turn, blood sugar. This means that the sugar is not just merely marinating in the blood, but is being stored by the body properly for future use.

Muscle training can be intimidating for some but that should not be the case. Picking up weights or bench pressing on a Smith machine does more to the body than just make it look buff. While building muscles do add confidence and stirs the vanity in anyone, its health benefits alone should convince you to do it. Besides, who does not want to look good while also making yourself healthier?