For personal family reasons we are in the process of reorganising Shadowforge. While we will continue to design and create new miniatures here at Shadowforge we have now transferred our sales to Eureka Miniatures in Melbourne. AS OF FRIDAY 1ST JUNE ALL SHADOWFORGE ORDERS WILL BE PROCESSED BY EUREKA. Eureka has always carried out all our moulding and casting, which is the main reason for the high quality of our miniatures. They are a very reputable company with the bonus of having a secure website and they will be able to provide the same efficient service that we have delivered to this date.

At the moment our entire product range has been uploaded onto the Eureka site.You can access our ranges by clicking on "Shadowforge" in the manufacturers list on the Eureka homepgage. Our own website is still on-line but only to provide more detailed images and news of forthcoming miniatures. Any questions, queries, comments or suggestions can still be emailed directly to us for a reply.

WE WILL ALSO NO LONGER HANDLE SALES OF LAUGHING MONK MINIATURES. Eureka will, at least in the short term, take over all sales of Laughing Monk.

To place an order with Eureka visit their site at
Eureka Miniatures and and simply use their secure shopping facility. If you have any questions for them you can email them via their contact facility or email them direct

WORK IN PROGRESS We have a lot of miniatures in the process of sculpting, moulding and planning - the following is part of the work we have going at the moment:
This is an entirely new range of 40mm miniatures designed specifically for painters. There are over fifty miniatures in 26 sets in the range. Each set is planned to include a scenic baseplate and display stand. Work is progressing very well and the range should begin to be available later this year.

If you have any comments or suggestions about Shadowforge miniatures please let us know. We can take a LITTLE criticism (and lots of praise) but we would like your input so we can improve the range and maintain the best possible standard in our miniatures. Also, if there are any figures you would like to see included in the range, please let us know so that we can see if this is possible.


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